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What was once technology only available to the largest of employers is now available to you! Whether you need a full HR benefit platform or just a communication portal these services are just another piece of the puzzle in our integrated benefit solution.

We Create Value

With the cost of providing employee benefits at an all time high. It is important that employers and employees receive maximum value for your premium dollar. We work hard to earning your business everyday delivering exceptional customer service and new technologies, while applying basic cost management & benefit strategies.

We represent you.

FBS Insurance Inc. is an independent employee benefit firm; we represent you & your employees not the insurance company. We provide comprehensive independent, non-bias market analysis, so you are able to continue to provide your employees a competitive and cost effective employee benefit program.

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How We Work

Flexible Benefit Solutions Insurance Brokerage, Inc. is a licensed full service insurance agency that specializes in the MA and NH insurance markets. We represent "you" (the purchaser of insurance "not" the insurance carrier). We only offer state approved insurance plans and pride ourselves on providing our clients outstanding customer service.

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What We Do

We grow our client base, by addressing your obligations as an employer offering your employees Health & welfare benefit programs. We provide an integrated solution.

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